• Control Cable: H05 BQ-F / H07 BQ-F (NGMH11YÖ)
Control Cable: H05 BQ-F / H07 BQ-F (NGMH11YÖ)

Control Cable: H05 BQ-F / H07 BQ-F (NGMH11YÖ)

  • Product description: H05 BQ-F / H07 BQ-F (NGMH11Y) PUR, Control Cable, Hi-Tech Controls
Technical Data
  • EPR/PUR-insulated power cable according to DIN VDE 0282 part 10 and HD 22.10 S1
  • Temperature Range
    -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F)
    Fixed Installation 
    -50°C to +90°C (-58°F to +194°F)
  • Permissible Operating Temperature
    at conductor 90°C
  • Nominal Voltage a.c., 50 Hz
    H05BQ-F: U0/U 300/500 V up to 1 mm²
    H07BQ-F: U0/U 450/750 V as of 1.5 mm²

  • Test Voltage
    H05BQ-F: 2000 V up to 1 mm²
    H07BQ-F: 2500 V as of 1.5 mm²
  • Minimum Bending Radius
    Flexing 5x cable Ø
    Fixed Installation 3x cable Ø
  • Radiation Resistance
    Up to 100x106 cJ/kg (up to 100 Mrad)
Cable Construction  
  • Plain copper conductor stranded according to DIN VDE 0295 cl. 5, BS 6360 cl. 5 and HD 383 cl. 5
  • Insulating jacket of rubber, compound EI6 according to DIN VDE 0282 part 1
  • Conductor identification according to DIN VDE 0293-308 and HD308 S2
  • Green-yellow grounding in the outer layer
  • Conductors stranded in layers with optimal lay-length (inner protection jacket permissible)
  • PUR-insulated outer jacket TMPU, to DIN VDE 0282 part 10, appendix A
  • Color: Orange (RAL 2003)
  • Minimum imprinted designation BQ
These cables can be used for medium mechanical loads in dry, damp or wet environments, e.g. for connecting agricultural and commercial equipment and heaters provided there is no danger of contact with the hot parts or by radiation of heat. These robust and flexible cables are used for electrical tools such as drills and hand-held circular saws, as well as for portable motors and machinery in agriculture, at building sites, docks and refrigeration plants. 
CE Approval = The product is conformed with the EC Low-Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC.


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